Will You be Qualified to Work in 2020?

May 21, 20150 Comments

Human and Robots-Future Vision
Work force dynamics in the year 2020 may scare you.
First, the oldest Millennials will be 40 years-old and ready to take over your company. These “digital natives” grew up installing home routers and building websites for their parents. Millennials made Facebook and Twitter rich. So, by 2020 they will expect technology to start working for them, 24/7.
Their workday will begin with auto-synchronization of their laptop, iPad, smart watch, and wearable connected clothing; all of which will be displayed on the 17” dashboard monitor of their “connected” self-driving car. The monitor will alert them where to go for their appointments. When they arrive at a GPS-enabled office building, an elevator bay will welcome them (by name) for a ride to their preprogrammed floor…and of course, if there are any changes in the schedule or meeting space, digital push notices will be sent to all meeting attendees via smart re-sync. During the meeting (either teleconference or live), management will be apprised of who attended the meeting and each contributor’s data will be logged; in real time. In fact, Real-Time will replace forensic (historical) responses because social listening compliers will be collecting and analyzing millions of incoming comments and suggestions instantly. These comments will be categorized and rated as to their emotionality so that leaders can examine trending data like, “Poor supply chain results are trending at XYZ Company and 43% of females responded in an angry tone.” That’s Real-Time.
However, the most important conversations will revolve around predictive trends and outcomes. “Smart Bots” will be scanning the cultural landscape looking for shifting buying habits and competitors hiding in your blind spot.
Of course, management of all this data collection and trend analysis must be a huge time suck, right? Relax. Each team member has their own Social Avatar (personal artificial intelligence engine) working over the weekend gathering case studies, comparing process cost analysis, making risk assessments and financial feasibility models. While your co-worker was attending a child’s soccer game, his or her Social Avatar was busy preparing recommendations for your Monday meeting;based upon your company’s fiscally safe predetermined parameters. Fact based decision-making will replace “gut feelings.” Long days will seem shorter since workers can slip into a Nap Pod (Zappos has them) for a 20-minute rejuvenation snooze.
This isn’t fantasy. These technologies already exist and the infrastructure for such magic is quickly being installed at a company near you. Full inculcation is only five years away…Yikes! Will you be ready?

Ross Shafer is the co-author of the new book, ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY – Bulletproof Tactics for Putting Yourself in High Demand. He is also the author of Nobody Moved Your Cheese, Are You Relevant, Grab More Market Share, and The Customer Shouts Back. Ross is a busy keynote speaker, author, and Emmy winner for his work as a comedian, talk show host, and writer. Learn more about Ross at: www.RossShafer.com

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