Win With What You Have

You’ve heard the excuses. “We don’t have enough marketing money.” “We need more sales people.” “Competition is killing us on price.”

Reality is, you can’t always get what you want. So you have stop making excuses, take responsibility, and “win with what you have.”

Maybe morale has taken a hit due to a myriad of changes in your organization – a merger or acquisition of cultures – a C-Suite management shake up – or an unexpected U-Turn in your industry models. The solution is a shift in perspective and behavior.

The program is perfect for organizations that, for whatever reasons, aren’t able make significant Investments in plant & equipment, human capital, marketing, or R&D. This is about conquering a specific reality: “An unforgiving economy requires constant adaptation; under pressure. Look around. Others are still thriving. Now, it’s your turn.”

The Take-Aways

How to stop sabotaging your future success by obsessing about yesterday’s issues. Assigning blame and inventing excuses for past missteps is a futile exercise. Organizations that succeed under pressure are solution-oriented future thinkers.


How to get “buy in” from the entire orgranization. Innovating a new (and fully embraced) cultural attitude is crucial to creating a forward leaning organization. Morale is improved and productivity thrives.


How to adopt a company-wide sense of urgency.  An Urgent Company isn’t mired in strategy. They react quickly and tactically. That’s why “big” organizations are most afraid of smaller, more nimble firms who behave more like eager entrepreneurs.


How to develop world-class people;who turn demand world class results. When you can’t attract top tier talent, you have to win with what you have…until you prove you’re a world-class culture. You’ll learn how to develop the average — into extraordinary.

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