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Altitude Improves Your Attitude

February 26, 20160 Comments

Here’s How Altitude Improves Your Attitude By Michael Burger I recently flew from Minneapolis back home to Los Angeles. I spoke to 180 small business owners in the HVAC business on staying “Absolutely Necessary” to the their customers and each other. There’s a book published by the same name, I co-wrote it, but I digress. […]

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Behave Like a Startup

February 4, 20160 Comments

Behave Like a Startup Has Your Company Felt Complacency Creeping in? When your company first launched, did you shake the world with something new and groundbreaking? Were you the unlikely underdog that unseated the industry leaders? Over time, have you had so much success that you’ve slowly lost your hunger? Do you find you aren’t […]

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Business Building By Perioscoping

December 9, 20150 Comments

The Periscope APP has allowed Twitter account holders to do live business broadcasts from interesting places and events. And I do mean interesting! Think of Periscoping as an ADVENTURE. You are our PERSONAL TOUR GUIDE. You are taking your audience into a world they don’t normally get to see… through your eyes. BE INTENTIONAL. KEEP […]

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Cure for “Needle Phobia” Rocks Healthcare

October 6, 20150 Comments

Are you afraid of needles? Turns out there an actual recognized medical condition called “needle phobia” and about 30 million people in the US suffer from it.  Doctors deal with it every day because many fearful patients don’t follow through with their doctor’s lab requisitions. Consequently, medical conditions go undiagnosed until they become emergencies. Wouldn’t […]

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Ford’s Six Cylinder Turnaround

September 23, 20150 Comments

When Alan Mulally, became the young CEO of Ford Motor Company he said, “We have been going out of business for forty years.” And, he was right. A succession of ineffective Ford family members had put their company in the bulls-eye of bankruptcy to the tune of $24 billion dollars. Mulally, who had spent his […]

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Only Speedy Customers Allowed!

September 9, 20150 Comments

I pulled into this bank and was so appalled to see this sign I had to share it with you. I’m sure Wells Fargo didn’t intentionally mean to hurry you along – but the message they are sending to their customers is, “Don’t spend any longer than an hour with us or we will tow your car.”  I […]

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Can You Lead a Turnaround?

August 27, 20150 Comments

Could you run a company if the serious threat of bankruptcy were looming? C’mon, it’s much easier for a leader to run a company when business is bright and rosy…but you need to be a leader who can face reality, jump into an unexpected firestorm, and rescue your company from market obliteration. A leader like […]

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Who Wins The Job Interview?

July 22, 20150 Comments

Are you ever curious about why some people get hired over others? Me too. Luckily I have a sneaky way to find answers to these kinds of questions. I ask them in plain view of the world! Last month, as I was filling in as the morning drive talk radio host on Denver’s 710AM – […]

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This Took 400 Years To Spot…Why Didn’t You Think of This?

July 2, 20150 Comments

In my car coming back from the airport, not unusual in my line of work. What is unusual is what I saw inside the men’s room at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. It was this. Wave your hand over this high-tech commode and a new, clean, sanitary gasket for lack of better word, rotates into […]

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Ideas Hatched in a Vacuum…Often Suck.

June 23, 20150 Comments

We are all guilty of coming up with what we think is a brilliant idea and trying to run fast with it. We are so convinced that our idea is so “White Hot” that we don’t even bother to ask anyone if our idea has actual value. After all, others may not see the “vision” […]

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