This Took 400 Years To Spot…Why Didn’t You Think of This?

July 2, 20150 Comments

In my car coming back from the airport, not unusual in my line of work. What is unusual is what I saw inside the men’s room at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. It was this. Wave your hand over this high-tech commode and a new, clean, sanitary gasket for lack of better word, rotates into place preparing your seat for your arrival. At least I hope it’s a new one and not the same one doing circles. That would be unpleasant. So get this. No more reaching over the toilet to grab a handful of those perforated tissue paper potty placemats, that you have to punch a hole through, like in a bad round of The Punch a Bunch Game on The Price is Right.

This works on so many levels. It’s hygienic, clean and gives customers what they want. Talk about seeing what others miss! This has been sitting in front of us for 400 hundred years. It also answers the age old question whether to sit or hover. If that term doesn’t sound familiar to you then you’re probably a guy. Ask your wife or girlfriend right now what she does in a public restroom. I guarantee you, it’s not sitting. Nope. They “hover” above the surface plane of the toilet lid never making contact with the base unit. God has given woman a muscle in their thigh that allows them to float in this Cirque du Soleil position indefinitely if needed. Guys do not try this without stretching.

It’s not for the out of shape or the uninformed.

Just when you think there’s nothing left to innovate some person off the top of their head – or from the seat of their pants…pulls this off.

I’m Michael Burger for the Relevant Report. Oh, to quote somebody I know, “put the lid down!” You’re welcome.

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