Customer Urgency and Empathy

While this program is a high energy Keynote on its own, many of our clients often expand this topic into a Break Out session.

Due to accelerating technology, your customers’ expectations have changed. They can get their TV, music, shopping, and friends all “on demand” 24/7/365. They expect customer “service” to mean customer “Urgency!” They want what they want – when they want it – and how they want it. So, if you don’t deliver at (nearly) Internet Speed, they will consider you substandard, lazy, or that you don’t need the business.

On top of that, they want you to empathize with their busy schedules, their lack of education (re: your products/services) as well as their personal vulnerabilities and frustrations. Ross will show you how to make sure you are consistently aware, empathetic, and urgent so you can retain your current customer base…while you are wrangling customers away from your competitors.

The Take-Aways

Learn why your customers / clients / patients feel so vulnerable and helpless today.
Your customer /client / patient has been through a stock market collapse, home equity meltdown, crumbling governments in the Middle East, rising fuel prices, and news reports that say, “The recession is over.” Yet, there is still the reality of unprecedented unemployment. You’ll see how these (emotionally draining) cultural events have dramatically changed their buying habits…and how you can adapt to their new attitudes.


Customers want you to provide Urgency & Empathy…NOT “service.”
The On Demand customer not only expects you to respond more quickly than ever before, they also wants your Empathy. To become a Trusted Advisor in the new economy, just “filling the order” won’t nurture loyalty or a sustainable market share. Customers want you to be able to understand their emotional state…and their ever-evolving needs. You will learn how to listen to learn…not listen to respond. You will learn how to identify telltale facial expressions and body language. You will learn the instant rapport “trade secrets” used by broadcasters, pastors, and trial attorneys.


When people love you, they will give you more money.
You’ll learn that when your customers/clients experience what they interpret as “love” from you, they develop an associative memory that can be leveraged into loyalty. When your customers feel an emotional connection with you, they will literally stop dating other companies – and start spending more time and money with you. Better than that, they will start championing you and your organization to their friends…becoming unpaid spokespeople for you and your brand. We’ll show you what it takes to “love” your customers.


Why the iPod, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have made it vitally important that YOU must create a “personal brand” for (and with) your customers.
Because personal identities and social networking have become such an enormous part of our culture, the best brand differentiators today revolve around the personal brands you can create for your customers and clients. It’s not about you anymore. They want you to be all about them. We’ll show you how to leverage social networking for your gain.


Learn why Customer ‘Evaluations’ can do more harm than good.
We are big fans of Net Promoter Scores so if you are currently using NPS, this segment may not be of interest to you.

However, for those of you who are struggling with how to gather the right kind of customer feedback we can help. Ross will discuss why your customers consider evaluations as the most dangerous way to drive customers away from you.

You’ll learn how to determine which types of evaluations simultaneously give you what you need AND enhance the customer experience.

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