Success is your own fault

A Motivational Message from Ross Shafer

Are you living day-to-day without excitement and purpose? Is your life like a palm leaf blowing wherever the winds of life take you? Have you started to think that your best days are over? Have you brainwashed yourself into believing you are either too old or too ‘set in your ways’ to achieve your dreams? If this sounds like you, then maybe you need to start living a deliberate life.

To quote former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, “A little girl grows up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama. She couldn’t go to movie theaters or restaurants. And even though she couldn’t eat a hamburger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter, her parents had her absolutely convinced that she could be President of the United States if she wanted to. And, the little girl becomes Secretary of State.”

Condi’s story has particular resonance to Ross Shafer. He was a small town pet store manager on the Puyallup Indian Reservation in Washington State. Each day, as he would clean out the pet’s dirty cages, he would dream of someday becoming a “TV Star.”  Six years after closing the pet shop, his bookshelf held (6) TV Emmy® awards and he was hosting a coast-to-coast talk show on the Fox network – one of five shows he would helm. Like Condi Rice, he didn’t start with money or experience. And, he had no connections into a world he could only see from a million miles away.  Yet, Ross succeeded beyond his imagination.

So, what’s holding YOU back?

The Take-Aways

Success will be Your Own Fault:

There are no limits to your success when you stop blaming the economy – stop blaming your co-workers, management, or your competition. You even need to stop blaming your circumstances. Success isn’t easy but how you ‘manage the obstacles’ determines the path to your success (or failure).


Demand world-class expertise from YOU:

Without question, the “world’s best” have put in the hours of practice and study to achieve world-class results.  World-Class people live very deliberate lives. They have a direction. They have a map. And they do not stop until they have reached the destination.


You Matter:

How you think about yourself determines how far you can go. To reach your dreams you have to believe you can make a contribution when you get there. Your goal can’t be solely motivated by money. What drives you is a passion for your chosen field. Motivation comes from knowing you can not only change your future…but inspire the futures of others.


No Waiting Allowed:

The world has become an urgent place…where urgent people either ‘catch the wave’ or get caught in their own suffocating riptide. Procrastination is a word that must be stricken from your vocabulary. No excuses for delay. The best time to start the climb to your dream is right now.

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