The Ultimate Convenience

May 8, 20150 Comments

Has this ever happened to you? You reach for a paper towel and you’re out…you wake up for that first cup of coffee, and realize you left it off your grocery list…no toilet paper? Let’s not go there. Well, Amazon would like you to believe they’ve solved all of your problems,  with the push a button. Convenience at your fingertips!

The “Dash Button.” Set it up wherever you want, to order whatever you want, and then press the button when you’re running low. Convenient, eh? This little piece of hardware connects to Wi-Fi and whenever you push the “Dash Button” your item is ordered with the size and quantity you’ve predetermined. A confirmation is sent to your phone so none of this happens without your knowledge or consent. So far, 228 products are available with most of the stuff we pick up on our trips to the grocery store.

Consider how powerful this push of a button is:

1. It combines impulse buying and urgency.

2. It is buying without price checking…which speaks to the idea that in this time starved culture we live in we’ll pay a little more for convenience.

3. It also buys into the notion that we don’t have the time…we don’t plan our purchases…but that’s okay…Amazon says relax push a button we’ll take care of everything.

4. This also works on another level. It’s what they do to us in Las Vegas. We happily convert our cash into chips; which nullifies the “real money” factor. ApplePay does the same thing. We swipe our iPhone or Starbucks app easily and without consequence, because we don’t really want to look in our wallet to see that we really don’t have the money for this purchase.

5. Is it a risk? NOT AT ALL. So far, Amazon already has identified 228 items to sell this way…and the manufacturers are obviously funding the development by paying for the product re-order system and for the privilege of their logo in your hands with the touch of a button. This is the most brilliant form of test marketing I’ve ever seen…because it comes without the cost of “testing.”

The big question is what will we do with all of the time we’re saving? Here’s an idea, would it kill you to read our new book? “Absolutely Necessary”

I’m just saying. Oh it’s conveniently available on Amazon, and you can buy with the “push of a button”.

Michael Burger for the Relevant Report

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