Grab More Market Share

How To Wrangle Market Share From Lazy Competitors

The world’s top economists are predicting a dismal 1-2% average growth through 2015. So, the only way to grow your organization is to take market share away from your lazy competitors. Ross can show you how progressive companies are getting 15-25% growth; even when their available market is stagnant or declining.

The Take-Aways

How to Get Tactical with Your Competitors
How do you get more share? You must capitalize on your competitors’ weaknesses. Because the Internet and social media publish such vast public information and conversation, Ross will teach you how to legally “spy” on your competitors so you can see what they are doing right or wrong – see what kinds of innovations and best practices they are using that you may not be – and discover what they’re customers are responding to. Also, Ross can coach you about your own Internet Reputation Management to make sure you keep the share you’ve already earned.


How to Keep the Culture From Destroying You
If you ignore cultural changes in technology and buying trends, the public consciousness has the power to destroy you, virtually overnight. “They” will gladly buy goods and services from your competitors. Ross will teach you how to spot new buying habit trends – trends that are hiding in plain sight – before it’s too late.


Customer Urgency is Replacing “Service”
Broadband connections and sophisticated e-commerce sites have conditioned your clients and customers to believe they can buy anything (and everything) they want “on demand.” Urgency and Empathy are more important to them than what we used to consider “service.” In fact, if you don’t respond at Internet Speed, your customers and clients will consider you lazy, substandard, and undeserving of their business. Ross can coach you how to deliver more urgency and empathy in order to retain current customers…and attract new business.


User-Generated Leadership: It’s Your Future
We’ve all heard that we should use “The Crowd” (crowd sourcing) to help us determine the next direction for our products and services. But which crowd? When do you ask? And, when is it a fatal error to listen to the Internet Herd? Ross will help you navigate this treacherous (yet potentially profitable) terrain – and cite inspiring case studies that will guide you into more profitability.


Contrarian Thinking WINS During a Recovery
While economic turmoil debilitates some companies, it unleashes creativity in others. Uber-savvy businesspeople know the “old school” ways are gone forever – so they have learned to embrace unconventional wisdom. You’ll hear inspiring ideas (and rationale) like, “Discounting is over” “Quality dictates the new economy” “Don’t follow predictions, follow the science” “Social networks can’t just be our chat room. They have to be our knowledge base.” Ross will unveil specific ‘contrarian tactics’ and show you how these outliers are trailblazing new channels for profiteering.

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