When was the last time you had an intra-company contest amongst your employees. A contest to generate new ideas? Contests within your company work; because you’re honoring your employees’ fresh ideas.  I’m in Arizona where I just came from a Peter Piper Pizza meeting –say that 50 times real fast.  PPP held a contest to challenge all of the store managers to come up with a way to increase their Birthday Party business. Shannon Scalley won the contest with THIS idea. Any child who comes in for a party gets to make her own pizza at her party table. (PIC) Then Peter Piper cooks it up. It’s a brilliant idea. Shannon got a trophy, she won a beautiful wristwatch…and best of all she won some career advancement. Peter Piper management was so impressed that they promoted Shannon up to the Executive offices.  Tell us about an employee contest you’ve had. Post a comment. Inspire other people. This is Ross Shafer with The Relevant Report. ™

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