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Is Your Industry Dying

June 6, 20150 Comments

Recently, I’ve been getting panicked phone calls from smart, successful friends who ask, “I am afraid my industry is dying. How do I survive?” When I hear that I immediately wonder, “Is demand going away for your product? (Like when the automobile replaced the horse drawn carriage). Or is demand still strong for what you […]

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Will You be Qualified to Work in 2020?

May 21, 20150 Comments

Work force dynamics in the year 2020 may scare you. First, the oldest Millennials will be 40 years-old and ready to take over your company. These “digital natives” grew up installing home routers and building websites for their parents. Millennials made Facebook and Twitter rich. So, by 2020 they will expect technology to start working […]

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The Ultimate Convenience

May 8, 20150 Comments

Has this ever happened to you? You reach for a paper towel and you’re out…you wake up for that first cup of coffee, and realize you left it off your grocery list…no toilet paper? Let’s not go there. Well, Amazon would like you to believe they’ve solved all of your problems,  with the push a […]

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Even Business Gifts Should Be Emotional

April 24, 20150 Comments

First, this is not a commercial for the swag you see above. But I have to tell you the brand name because it’s relevant to the story. Secondly, this is not a story about food. It’s about relevance on a couple of levels. Ok, disclaimers turned in. Let’s move on to the tale. As some […]

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How do You Challenge Yourself?

April 14, 20150 Comments

Let’s assume you want to grow your business. Maybe you want the skills to transition to a new career. Suppose you want a better personal life than you had last year. Those aspirations can be the seeds of motivation. But none of those things will ever happen without motion of some kind. But what are […]

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I’m 50. Now what?

March 23, 20152 Comments

Mid-Life Crisis much?! Almost everyone over 50 years old has asked the question. “I’m 50. Now what do I do?” Chances are you have been working for a quarter century (or more) and will recognize one or more of these scenarios. (1) You’ve worked at the same organization for most of your life. You wonder if […]

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March 11, 20150 Comments

Our team is frequently hired to advise companies on how to become more relevant. Actually, companies want us to tell them how to be “the MOST relevant” in their industry. This is a challenge because we have yet to come across the 100% perfectly relevant organization. You’d think we had found that perfect company by […]

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You are Paid to Show Up

March 3, 20150 Comments

Your skills are important to a lot of people. Other people depend upon your contributions. And, if you have made a commitment to your employer (to do a particular job) then you are expected to be there and perform that job. If you don’t show up, you might be jeopardizing the efforts of your entire […]

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February 26, 20151 Comment

Are you feeling like you don’t matter to your company anymore? Have you recently been passed over for a promotion or a raise? Maybe you’re even afraid your job will be phased out? If you feel that way, you are probably right. But we can help. (That’s why we wrote this book). We want you […]

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How to Save Your Business

August 19, 20130 Comments

Michael Burger for The Relevant Report. We think it is crucial for you to stay keenly aware of any shifts in customer buying habits so that you can adjust your business model to stay relevant to the people who give you their money. Today, I’ve got a great example of a small business that did […]

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