Do you worry about your employee training? Do you go through a series of vetting interviews and personality tests? It’s complicated…but it doesn’t have to be. I interviewed Bruce Nordstrom of the much-admired Nordstrom Department stores. Bruce took that company from $20million to $2Billion….and he told me they don’t have a formal sales training program. He said, “look, we have good tall salespeople, good short salespeople, good quiet salespeople, and good loud salespeople. We don’t tell them how to sell. We leave the training to their parents.” At Nordstrom they hire people with good character and who are willing to take responsibility. Bruce told me they like to hire people from the Midwest – people who grew up doing chores everyday.” Hire character. You can always train them how to use the cash register and open the doors. What do YOU think of this idea? We’d love to read your comments. This is Ross Shafer for the Relevant Report.

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