Michael Burger has been a successful real estate entrepreneur buying and selling waterfront properties in Southern California, and recently co-founded the Relevant Report; an internationally acclaimed innovation video blog designed to inspire individuals and companies. Michael just published his new book (with Ross Shafer), Absolutely Necessary (bullet proof tactics to keep you in high demand.)

Michael started his career performing stand up comedy on cruise ships.“When I got to the point I could keep 1500 passengers from going to the buffet, I knew I had an act” says Michael. So ready that 10 television shows followed including the ABC talk show Mike and Maty, Match Game and Iron Chef. In addition to hosting network TV shows, Michael collects and restores mid 60’s muscle cars and spends a good deal of his time with Betty White, as part of the team that brings you the TVLand sitcom Hot in Cleveland…but that’s another story. In Michael’s spare time he enjoys tennis, golf, cycling, room service—basically everything in the hotel brochure.

“You could tell from the reaction that it affected a lot of people. We were lucky to have him here.”

“That was beyond a shadow of a doubt the best keynote address I’ve ever heard.”

“(He) was amazing! So inspiring. I certainly left with some good ideas. It made us think twice about how we interact with customers.”

You will enjoy working with Michael as he likes to dig deep into the nuances of your industry. He prides himself on providing you with an original (and interactive) approach – that he deftly weaves into his well-reseached material.

In addition to his impressive resume as the host of (10) network TV shows, in Michael’s spare time he collects and restores mid-60’s muscle cars and spends a good deal of time with Betty White & Valerie Bertinelli, as part of the team that brings you the TVLand sitcom “Hot in Cleveland”…but that’s another story 😉

Michael Burger Wow’s the Audience

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