Best Buy doesn’t like what you’re doing and they’re fighting back. Does this sound familiar? Let’s say you’re in the market for a camera or the latest flatscreen TV. You walk into Best Buy, you play with the cameras, you wander over to the TVs, stare at a few favorites, you write down a couple of model numbers then you leave the store and go buy it online! Probably from Amazon. Brick and mortar retailers call this SHOWROOMING, and they hate it. They lose millions in revenue and it’s a real threat to the big box store business. Here’s how Best Buy is fighting back back. It was just announced they plan on price matching any internet price including AMAZON. Tiny catch…you have to let them know that there’s a better price out there…but this is big move and change for Best Buy. They’re getting aggressive, grabbing more market share… and staying relevant. As we like to say here at the Relevant Report, “If you or your company don’t like change, you’re really gonna hate extinction.” Can you say Blockbuster, can you say Circuit City, can you say…Dinosaurs?

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